Friday, October 26, 2007

38 Weeks...Is it time yet?

Another uneventful doctor's appointment :(

I guess uneventful is better than bad, but not nearly as good as hearing some changes. Wouldn't it have been wonderful to show up yesterday and hear that I am 4 cm dialated and it's time to go to L&D and have a baby?!?! Well, that would have been nice but there was no such news.

I am still status-quo from last week....1 cm dialated, still about 75% effaced, and baby is still -2 station. So no change was reported.

No change in my belly measurement either...which is ok according to the doctor because of shifts in the uterus. We still scheduled another ultrasound for next week to do a final check on her size and amniotic fluid.

So, now we're just in the countdown. I'm running up and down the stairs in hopes of making more productive contractions and any other little thing I can come up with! I assume that no matter what I do, she will come when she's ready. Now, if only I could convince her "it's time"...???

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Grammy said...

I just have one thing to say! TIMES GO BY...